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MDA Contracts is a family run business which holds relationships that have been built in the industry at the fore front. Family to us doesn't just mean the people who started the company, this extends to our staff & flooring installers that we work with. We believe in the relationships that have been built over the past two decades of being in and around the industry, this we believe helps us provide the best service that can possibly be provided.  


Experts In Our Industry

At MDA Contracts we draw our knowledge from all sectors of the industry using this to coordinate with other trades and businesses to gain the highest quality finish, with our experienced managers to our seasoned flooring installers there is no job that poses a problem for our team.

MDA Contracts has a wealth of knowledge in the flooring industry in the UK and US, working on projects both residential and commercial, from small to large, we pride ourselves on delivering a snag free high end finish no matter the size. MDA Contracts doesn't just offer contract flooring works, we also provide consulting in Research and Development of new products or consulting on flooring projects, offering our experience in surveys and reporting on any issues found. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are satisfied and happy with every installation that we complete. We may not be the biggest flooring contractor in the UK but we think that works to our advantage. We make sure we bring our family values and personal touch to each and every project we install, handing over a little part of us each time we complete a project. 

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IOBAC Approved


IOBAC approved contractor

Looking To The Future

Here at MDA Contracts we are always looking at new ways of installing flooring products or improved techniques which help speed up installations, IOBAC's paramagnetic flooring system fits this ideal and we are happy to announce that MDA Contracts is an IOBAC approved contractor. 

MDA Contracts has a wealth of knowledge in the magnetic flooring industry and we feel that we are leaders in the installation of magnetic flooring systems, all of our installers are fully trained and experienced in installing IOBAC's system which we believe is the best magnetic flooring system on the market. 

Leading the way in the magnetic flooring industry IOBAC has created a system that cuts traditional installation time by up to 80%, plus allowing you to claim capitol allowances on the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) that's installed!

IOBAC's paramagnetic flooring system can also be installed on damp substrates up to 98% RH (Relative Humidity), being an adhesive free product this eliminates the risk that traditional installations may have if there was a breach in the DPM (damp proof membrane), this can cause the adhesive to emulsify releasing the fixed product from the floor. 

With Amtico and Karndean being some of their main LVT (luxury Vinyl Tile) suppliers they have the backing of some of the biggest companies in the industry and we are proud to be a part of their journey. 

Would you like an estimate?  please contact MDA Contracts and we would be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.  


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Want to learn more about IOBAC's innovative system? 

Please click the link below which will direct you to IOBAC's web page. 


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