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Welcome To MDA Contracts Ltd

After working for two great flooring companies over the past 12-13 years and with my previous 10 years’ experience as being a self-employed contractor, I have now moved into owning and running my own flooring contractors.

The move for me was a hard choice but an obvious one, I felt I wanted to use my experience that I have gained over the past 2 decades of being in and around the construction industry and put it to the test.

Having a new young family has prompted me to strive and succeed into making MDA contracts the flooring contractors of choice, I want to bring the professional, but family feel you get when dealing with a smaller contractor. People who know me know that relationships I have built and continue to build in the industry mean a lot and are key to a great work/life balance.

Building on past experiences we want to be able to have managers that work with the same main contractors or clients moving with them to the next project, this helps build trusted relationships which enables projects to run smoother and quicker.

We also have the experience! I personally have estimated, run, organised and handed over Commercial and Residential projects that range from £10,000 to £50,000 up to £1m to £1.5/2m across the UK, every project is treated with the same enthusiasm and respect no matter the size or cost.

This also extends to the USA where I recently managed and oversaw the installation of £2m plus worth of business across 15 states over 5 months, this saw me organizing not only my own travel and accommodation but having to organise and liaise with a number of different contractors and shippers to ensure each and every project was handed over in the only the way I know best, this helped to ensure the customer was extremely satisfied and happy with the end result.

However, not forgetting some of our most recent past we will be offering consultation services in Research and Development of new products (mainly in the magnetic flooring sector) and inspections of current or past flooring projects. This will mean us offering detailed site surveys/inspections with a report issued to the client explaining and outlining our findings, this could range from inspection reports on new installations to reports on installations that quite haven’t gone to plan or issues that have happened since the project was installed.

Bringing a global wealth of knowledge to MDA Contracts I’ve worked with UK, Chinese, US and Australian markets. From dealing with LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and carpet manufacturers in China and the UK, I’ve helped develop products to suit magnetic flooring systems making them stronger and more reliable for commercial use. To then working with US resin manufacturers helping develop new innovative resins that would fit and work with magnetic flooring systems both in residential and commercial installations.



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